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Lesbians+ of Color Symposium

The Symposium, an intergenerational community event, is dedicated to the cultural connectedness, engagement, and socioeconomic empowerment.  The event welcomes LBTQ+ women of color, non - binary BIPOC, and advocates for equitable and inclusive sessions and conversations.


The event is co-hosted by Harvard Law School Lambda (a student organization at Harvard Law School). 


 Lesbians+ of Color Symposium VIII 

 Spring 2022 

Symposia  Highlights

2018 LOCS Review
2019LOCS Catalysts of Change "We are the leaders we have been waiting for" 
March 09th

2018LOCS Involve to Evolve " Your silence will not protect you."

March 09th -10th

A Powerful Weekend at The 6th Annual Lesbians+ of Color Symposium!

 by Lamika Young |Safe Word Society  

Keynote Trey Anthony + Special Guest Speaker Brittany Ferrell 

courtesy of Safe Word Society

Previous Symposia Keynote + Workshops 

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