Melanin Pride Festival II
October 11 - 13, 2019 

Melanin Pride Festival is a renaissance in commemoration and recognition of  LGBTQ+, non-binary Black, Indigenous people of color (BIPOC) in film and visual arts. The MPF features film screenings, an art exhibition, talks/panels dedicated to our experiences, innovation and narratives. MPF's mission is to uplift and amplify  marginalized voices and magnify the visibility of underrepresented populations.  Through visual storytelling and community engagement,  we convene audiences around projects that foster equitable and inclusive platforms for filmmakers and creatives to affect cultural and institutional change. 

The Melanin Pride Art Exhibition is a space curated for QTBIPOC visual artists & activists to showcase their artistry and convene with community. It features talks and discussions with emerging and established artists.

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L.O.C.S Collective, Inc.

Building Community and cultivating resources for LBTQ+ women, non-binary people of color, and our allies.


Location: Boston, MA

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